This past summer at the Anja S. Greer Conference in Exeter, NH, we were a part of a group that met a few times to discuss College Board policy regarding calculator use on their exams.  The group gathered out of the common feeling that the restrictions the College Board puts on calculator use for their exams also restricts the learning that happens in our classrooms.  Out of our discussions came an open letter that we will be sending to the College Board in the near future.  We are circulating the letter–including through this website–so that anyone that agrees with its sentiments can sign on.

We welcome you to forward a link to this website to any math or science teachers you think might support our efforts and to distribute the letter in any way you think will be helpful.  Of course, the letter will be more effective with your name attached. Please take a minute to read it over, and if you are willing to be included, go to the sign page to add your signature.  You can subscribe to our updates about the progress of the letter, and we welcome you to share your own thoughts and reasons for signing it.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Perry Lessing
Middlebury Union High School
Middlebury, VT

Justin Lanier
Saint Ann’s School
Brooklyn, NY